The VAS and contractual guarantees

The VAS and sales subject to contract security.

The new items have a manufacturer warranty. Used items have warranty specific to each item (contact us).

According to type and conditions of security provided by the manufacturer or supplier, some products may be exchanged in case of malfunction. The warranty terms are defined in Article 13 of the Terms of Use that you agreed to before making your purchase. In addition to the legal guarantees the manufacturer or supplier can provide additional assurances that you will find on the product datasheet.

These guarantees are contractual and specific to each manufacturer and / or supplier: they are not automatic.

The warranty period corresponds to that given by our supplier. It can vary based on sales, and can in no way benefit extension. If you encounter a malfunction with a product under warranty, please let us know.

We will tell you how:

  • By providing the coordinates of a licensed facility,
  • By suggesting that you contact the manufacturer's selling points (with your invoice / Fields of Gold)
  • Asking you to return the product.

You can also contact our Customer Relations department by phone at (free call from a landline past Internet box). is closed on Saturdays and Sundays. To claim your warranty, you will need to bring the bill / Fields of Gold and the card manufacturer's warranty.

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