The plates are Arginox movement, the masses of the rotors consist of Arginox of tantalum and FORTAL. The bracelet is made of titanium.BRM R50 - the iconic timepieceWatch emblematic of BRM, the movement of the R50 is based on a motor racing motorcycle with a cylinder based on three triangles in fiberglass or carbon fiber.The R50 is designed on the principle of mounting isolastique ® flexible movement on carbon arms. The arms are held under pressure in a casing ring by means of springs not progressive, which isolates the movement of the shocks and vibrations of all parasites, such as a motor is isolated from the frame by its mounts.50 mm diameter and 48 hours power reserve, water resistant to 100m the R50 comes in four models:R50 TNBlack PVD titanium case & 3 models with declination needles red, orange or yellow.Black leather strap.R50 VTThe emblematic model symbolizes the BRM racing this time with his nomex strap, textile used for pilot combinations.R50 OR TNFor the simple pleasure of the eyes, the contrast of the gold comes to confront the black PVD titanium case on the R50TN OR a variation of brilliant design and transparency of this watch.R50-ORFor purists and lovers of precious metal, a symbol of luxury futuristic outsized, this version comes here with a motor housed in a box full gold!

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