MeisterSinger Mono Hand - Higher functions

MeisterSinger: Collection minute on cream

To emphasize the originality of its creations and talk a little vintage side, the house has MeisterSinger Collections "cream". A tribute, no doubt, Viennese coffee and music ...

Young German house whose name means "cantor", allusions to the music of MeisterSinger donations are not incongruous. Especially when we know that the logo is the symbol of musical climax and its unique needle recalls the baton of a conductor.

In revisiting this year, three major pieces of his collection - the number 1, and Périgraph Unomatik who wear cream dials - the house succumb to the temptation of vintage, evoking the same time the Viennese cafes and the famous waltz . These parts, fans will remember the simplicity and especially originality. Reading schedule, as amended by the absence of the minute hand, adds another dimension of temporality and request to be a little familiar with this type of instrument. It should be noted that the accuracy will be excellent, but the display will always be interpreted.

Gauges or automatic daily back

Followers typed retain product model MeisterSinger No. 1, whose size requires being recovered every day. Models or Périgraph Unomatik have, as their name suggests, mechanisms exploiting the wearer's movements for back gauge automatically. The final choice between these two automatic timepiece will depend on the interest that the new owner grants the date display. If it considers this marker as fundamental and enjoyable read, it selects the model Périgraph, he prefers to go to the essentials, it will retain the version Unomatik.

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