Chopard Jewelry Happy Diamonds

Chopard Happy Hearts A delicate romance Chopard presents an interpretation finesse its famous Happy Diamonds collection, a Must Have House.The heart, the universal symbol of love and affection but also must creations of Chopard, is here interpreted carefully. At once sweet, intimate and sparkling, it is in the collection Happy Hearts dimension airline that will delight amateurs of romantic elegance.Hearts in pink gold split for better charm. Tenderly snuggled into each other, they protect and are subtly enhance a diamond shining in all its brilliance maliciously with each movement. Thus, the trendy necklace is a bond of love, a delicate succession hearts of different sizes showing here and there a brilliant symbol of eternal commitment. A lovely openwork ring, earrings and pendant complete this Happy Hearts line-like statement.Chopard Happy Amore The softness of a caressThe mobile diamonds, like hearts, are part of the heritage of Chopard. Invented in 1976, the concept of Happy Diamonds over the decades, becoming the hallmark of the Geneva company that has continued to reinvent constantly. Mobile fish colorful, delicate snowflakes, circles or squares geometric pattern, the Happy Diamonds collection has spawned many variations.Today, it is by associating it with another powerful symbol of the house, the Heart, the Happy Diamonds line continues to twirl diamonds and turn heads with the creation Happy Amore.Composed of pendants and earrings (which can be crimped or not), rings and bracelets, the collection Happy Amore is a declaration of love, all sweetness and delicacy. On each piece, lovely little hearts in pink or white gold dance gaily, with only one link or attachment. Among them lies a heart at its center containing a diamond mobile.Happy Amore is part of the trend of jewelry "Charms". But here, only hearts are in the spotlight, playing with light and glittering returning. Enhancing bracelet "rush" or a ring encircling the wide finger dancing on a heart-shaped pendant fully articulated, small hearts Happy Amore play spoilsport happy ... such a laugh.Chopard Happy DarlingRing, earrings, bracelet and necklace collection Happy Darling compounds pellets in 18ct rose gold and diamond chips equipped with a mobile background onyx.Necklace in 18ct rose gold collection Happy Darling composed of pellets 18ct rose gold and diamond chips equipped with a mobile background onyx.Chopard Happy Darling Of love jeweleryHappy with Darling, original interpretation of the universe Happy Diamonds, Chopard creates a collection at the forefront of fashion. Here is a fine line removed and which is in tune with the times, subtly playing with current trends jewelry, filling the expectations of all fashionista style. Certainly, proponents of mini-jewel will melt for the adorable ring chain while collectors will prefer the charms of delicate bracelet with pendants, unconditional as to the "glamor forever," they will love a long necklace assorted delightful earrings ...Delicious delicate alliance between a mesh pink gold, precious little hard and shiny twirling, Happy Darling on a journey through the brightest constellations. A thin chain connects adorable stars, some gold, some gold and onyx. Because this time, more sparkling than ever, as shooting stars, diamonds mobile frolic on a colored background jet. The contrast between the purity of the gemstone and the intensity of the black color adorns the jewel of a living presence and strong. Finally, if it turns on itself, according to the movements of the wearer, it is no longer behind the diamond that looks but offers the majesty of onyx. A brilliant double play that today's women can not resist. Exquisite face side as tails, trendy, designs Happy Darling what happens after the hectic pace of everyday life!Chopard Happy Diamonds Teddy Tenderness and gentleness to bear against her heartIt is a soft variant of the famous Happy Diamonds collection that offers today Chopard. Dear companion to the child, the bear symbolizes gentleness, confidence and tenderness. What secrets have been whispered in the palm of their ears, while dearly tight to the heart of their boyfriends, Teddy Bear brought comfort and healing.While roundness, Chopard Happy Diamonds Teddy evokes these moments. Such a valuable and reassuring luck, it comes in small, around the neck, for those who wish never to leave. While the large size can also be worn as necklace on a long chain, a blouse or sweater.18ct rose gold delicately carved, crimped or not, contain teddy bear in their little round bellies, depending on their size 1 or 3 mobile diamonds.The Happy Diamonds Teddy is also a nod to the first jewel designed by Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele, co-president of Chopard, when she was only 16 years old. Since become a symbol, it was a clown, in whose belly danced the famous mobile diamonds.Chopard Happy Diamonds TeddyTeddy bear pendant collection Happy Diamonds in 18ct rose gold set with 4 diamonds in the center with 3 mobile diamonds.Teddy bear pendant collection Happy Diamonds in 18ct rose gold entirely set with diamonds (0.75 cts) with its center 3 mobile diamonds.Mini teddy bear pendant collection Happy Diamonds in 18ct rose gold set with 4 diamonds in its center a diamond mobile.Chopard Happy Diamonds: The precious beauty secret of ZenNew version of the Happy Diamonds collection, pendants and bracelets imagined on the theme of the lotus flower is an ode to peace. The lotus flower in Eastern remarkable delicacy symbolizes the purity of heart and mind. Chopard could not pick most beautiful emblem for his latest creations. With such a talisman in the hollow of the throat or around your wrist, sluggish flies to make room for the good life.After a fine chain in 18ct rose gold, dotted here and there, small lotus blossoms disk of the same metal as light as a summer breeze. Openwork flowers of different sizes, the Happy Diamonds pendant houses within a diamond and some lotus mobile air crimped or not. More discreet, the small pendant contains meanwhile, next to diamond mobile, a single golden lotus pink. As soft and light as a petal on the skin, these beautiful porcelain jewelry enhance complexions after winter and the sublime being the simplest.Happy Diamonds bracelet, graceful and modern, also consists of a small perforated disc in pink gold, mounted on colored cord. In the center, a diamond and a beautiful lotus mobile unpressed. As chain pendant link leather adorns each side of the Golden Circle, a charming duo lotus. Simple and lovely.  

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