Collection No. 01

    The Meistersinger Collection N°01 is a range of watches that embodies the essence of simplicity and clarity. Each watch in this collection features a clean, minimalist design, with a surprisingly readable dial that only displays a single hand to tell the time. Meistersinger N°01 watches are designed with a unique single-wire approach, allowing for intuitive and relaxed reading of time. Dials come in multiple colors and finishes, while stainless steel or gold cases add a touch of sophistication. High quality leather straps complete the overall aesthetic of these watches. With high-precision Swiss mechanical movements, the Meistersinger Collection N°01 offers an authentic and soothing watch experience, winning over watch enthusiasts looking for a minimalist and timeless aesthetic. Each watch in this collection is a statement of sober and sophisticated style, highlighting the philosophy of the Meistersinger brand which favors the measurement of time in all serenity.
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