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Seastrong Diver Collection

    The Seastrong Diver Collection from Alpina is a range of diving watches designed to meet the requirements of scuba diving professionals and enthusiasts of aquatic activities. Each watch in this collection has a sturdy stainless steel or titanium case that is water and shock resistant, guaranteeing unparalleled reliability in the deep sea. Seastrong Diver watches are equipped with Swiss automatic movements, providing accurate and reliable timekeeping even in the most demanding environments. The clear, luminescent dial, with oversized hands and indexes, ensures optimal readability, even in the dark. Unidirectional rotating bezels and rubber or stainless steel straps add additional functionality and comfort suitable for scuba diving. Alpina's Seastrong Diver Collection is the ideal choice for those looking for a reliable, functional and stylish diver's watch, designed to withstand the challenges of the ocean depths while reflecting the brand's adventurous spirit.
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