Bague Happy Hearts en Or Rose Nacre 829482-5300 - Chopard Joaillerie - Bagues - Les Champs d'Or

Mother of Pearl Rose Gold Happy Hearts Ring 829482-5300

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  • Référence: 829482-5300 ,
  • Matière: Rose gold,
  • Carats: 0,05 ct,
  • Type de bijoux: Bagues.
Pink gold immediately stands out as the major tone of the trio in the presence of which we are, with its two complements which are also champions of luxury jewellery, namely, the diamond and the mother-of-pearl.

The diamond comes from the earth and it is extracted by force, while the mother-of-pearl is almost picked like a fruit when it is found on the edges of beaches and their rocks.
Together, these two different stones and their two different ways of coming to us - in the difficulty for the diamond and in the simplicity for the mother-of-pearl - illustrate well what could be the symbol of their meeting through a masculine identity and a feminine identity. .

The two hearts face each other in a sentimental way and we feel without difficulty the emotion shared on both sides, a bit like how young lovers divide a heart in two, each of which keeps one half.

A piece that, barely out of the workshop, is already considered a collector's item by the union of the most precious materials that it produces.
A gift of unstoppable seduction.

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