Bague Illusion Petit modèle Or Blanc Diamants taille baguette et brillants E100LR/18 - Les Champs d'Or

Illusion Ring Small model White Gold Baguette and brilliant cut diamonds E100LR/18

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  • Référence: E100LR/18 ,
  • Matière: White Gold,
  • Poids: 2,61 g,
  • Carats: 0,23 ct,
  • Type de bijoux: Bagues.

The "Illusion" ring E100LR/18 from the Purity Joaillerie collection is a jewel of incomparable elegance. Crafted in 18k white gold, this ring embodies purity and sophistication. Its sophisticated design showcases a combination of baguette and brilliant cut diamonds, adding a touch of brilliance and sophistication.

The precisely placed baguette-cut diamonds create a striking visual effect. Their elongated rectangular shape brings a feeling of modernity and subtlety to the ring. Brilliant diamonds, on the other hand, provide a twinkling sparkle that catches the eye and magnifies the beauty of the ensemble.

This "Illusion" ring is available in a small model, perfect for those who prefer a delicate and discreet jewel. The meticulous details of its design testify to the craftsmanship of Purity Joaillerie and their commitment to creating exceptional pieces.

The "Illusion" ring in 18k white gold with baguette and brilliant cut diamonds is a symbol of sophistication and grace. It will add a touch of sparkle and glamor to any outfit and is the perfect choice for special occasions or as everyday jewelry.

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