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Black Leather Watch Strap With Holes Double Yellow Stitching 26x24


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  • Référence: NCUT-26-J ,
  • Matière: Leather,
  • Compatibilité: CT48 - R50 - V18,
  • Fermeture: Pin buckle,
  • Couleur Bracelet: Noir et Jaune.

The BRM 26x24 black leather watch strap with holes with double yellow stitching is an elegant and versatile accessory designed especially for BRM's CT48, R50 and V18 series watches. Made from high quality leather, this bracelet offers the perfect combination of style, durability and comfort.

The black leather gives your watch a classic and timeless look, suitable for any occasion and any style of dress. Holes along the strap add a touch of distinctive style while providing a precise, custom fit to your wrist.

The double yellow stitching that frames the edges of the bracelet adds an elegant and refined finish, highlighting its design and demonstrating BRM's attention to detail.

The BRM 26x24 black leather strap is carefully crafted to perfectly fit the CT48, R50 and V18 series watches, ensuring seamless integration and a secure fit.

The sturdy strap attachment system ensures easy installation and reliable closure on your BRM watch. The stainless steel pin buckle, bearing the BRM logo, adds an extra touch of sophistication while ensuring a secure fit.

Whether you're upgrading your existing watch or looking for a replacement strap, the BRM 26x24 Black Leather Watch Strap with Holes and Double Yellow Stitching is an ideal choice for adding a touch of classic, premium style to your wrist.

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