Bracelet Poulie PVD Noir / Acier, Camo Cordon Bleu / Rouge - Latitude 46 - Bracelet - Les Champs d'Or
Bracelet Poulie PVD Noir / Acier, Camo Cordon Bleu / Rouge - Bijoux - Latitude 46 - Les Champs d'Or

Pulley Bracelet PVD Black / Steel, Camo Cord Blue / Red


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  • Référence: BPNS-CA02 ,
  • Matière: Steel and PVD,
  • Type de bijoux: Bracelet.

The Latitude 46 bracelet is a real gem that perfectly embodies the harmony between technique and refinement. Its "pulley" is made of 316L steel, with a black PVD steel body and a polished steel plate. This "pulley" is meticulously assembled from 7 steel elements, giving the jewel an aesthetic that is both technical and sophisticated.

The cord of the bracelet is equipped with slip knots, thus allowing easy adaptation to different wrist sizes. In addition, it can be changed according to desires and seasons, thus offering unlimited flexibility and customization.

The Latitude 46 bracelet features include a "pulley" measuring 22mm x 13mm x 7mm, with a weight of 7.2 grams, made from high quality stainless steel. The cord is made up of a waterproof braided rope with a diameter of 2.5 mm, commonly used in the nautical field. This feature gives it exceptional weather resistance and durability.

The Latitude 46 bracelet is an essential choice for jewelry lovers looking for the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality. With its quality materials and meticulous design, it brings a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit, whatever the occasion.

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