Sautoir De Spinel Noir + 7 Perles De Tahiti Baroques / Poires - Sautoir - Négoce îles - Les Champs d'Or

Black Spinel Long Necklace + 7 Baroque Tahitian Pearls / Pears


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  • Matière: Silver,
  • Type de bijoux: Sautoir.
Let yourself be seduced by the unequaled elegance of the Black Spinel Long Necklace with 7 Baroque Tahitian Pearls/Pears. This exquisite jewel is a true masterpiece of sophistication, combining the mysterious beauty of black spinels with the bewitching exoticism of Tahitian pearls.

The sautoir is adorned with black spinels, a rare gemstone known for its mesmerizing depth and sparkle. Each black spinel is carefully selected for its intense color and perfect cut, creating a chain of gemstones that shimmers gracefully.

The seven baroque/pear Tahitian pearls add a touch of charm and uniqueness to this long necklace. Each Tahitian pearl has its own organic and irregular shape, which makes them truly unique and extraordinary. Their shades ranging from dark gray to deep black reveal the natural richness of these rare gems.

This long necklace is a real style statement that attracts admiring glances. Wear it elegantly for a special evening or to add a touch of glamor to your daily outfit. Tahitian pearls and black spinels harmonize beautifully, creating a captivating visual symphony.

Treat yourself to the essence of luxury and exoticism with the Black Spinel Necklace with 7 Baroque Tahitian Pearls/Pears. Let the mesmerizing beauty of these precious gems enhance your look with unparalleled elegance. With this long necklace, you will be the center of attention, attracting all eyes with your unique and sophisticated style.

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