Sautoir Happy Hearts en Or Rose et Nacre 817482-5301 - Chopard Joaillerie   Sautoir - Les Champs d'Or
Sautoir Happy Hearts en Or Rose et Nacre 817482-5301 - Chopard Joaillerie   Sautoir - Les Champs d'Or

Happy Hearts Necklace in Rose Gold and Mother-of-Pearl 817482-5301

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  • Référence: 817482-5301 ,
  • Matière: Rose gold,
  • Carats: 0,15 ct ,
  • Type de bijoux: Sautoir.

Discover the delightful Happy Hearts long necklace, an exceptional jewel that embodies elegance and sophistication. Crafted with care and passion, this ethical 18k rose gold long necklace captures the very essence of timeless beauty.

The real highlight of this jewel lies in its subtle combination of white diamonds and metallic mother-of-pearl, thus offering a unique brilliance and sparkle. White diamonds of exceptional quality, totaling 0.15 carat, are thoughtfully arranged on the pendant, creating a delicate and refined sparkle.

The metallic mother-of-pearl, with its lustrous surface and shimmering reflections, adds a touch of femininity and softness to this necklace. Each piece of mother-of-pearl is carefully selected, guaranteeing impeccable quality and incomparable aesthetics.

The reference 817482-5301 is a guarantee of quality and authenticity, a symbol of the craftsmanship excellence that characterizes all of the brand's jewellery. Every detail is thought out to provide a luxurious experience and a sense of satisfaction to the wearer.

The Happy Hearts long necklace is much more than a simple jewel, it is a declaration of style and refinement. It embodies joie de vivre and grace, while offering a touch of discreet audacity. Whether for a special occasion or to enhance your daily life, this long necklace will be the ideal companion, adding a touch of glamor to every outfit.

Treat yourself to the pleasure of owning an exceptional jewel, combining craftsmanship, quality materials and timeless design. With the Happy Hearts long necklace, you will shine your inner and outer beauty, capturing the eyes and awakening the emotions.

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